Jonathan Martin speaks nationally and internationally to churches, conferences, universities, and retreats/workshops on a variety of topics. If you are interested in hosting a seminar or retreat— some events are built around his books, Prototype: What Happens When You Discover You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think? (on coming to know your identity as God’s beloved, knowing your identity & purpose, living without fear) and How to Survive a Shipwreck (on grief, loss, failure, shame, depression, and rebuilding your life out of the rubble).

Other topics he speaks on include:

Open Table

Why the Lord’s table must be open to all; and how to make the Lord’s supper more central to your life or your church/ministry.

Deconstructing deconstruction

What it looks like to reconstruct your faith, after faith has been disillusioned or abandoned.

The liturgy and the shout

How to navigate the complex relationship between following the Spirit and honoring tradition.

Nonviolent eschatology

Better ways of reading the Book of Revelation and thinking about “last things” in light of the full revelation of God in Christ.

Spiritual practices/disciplines

Prayer, reading Scripture, meditation, worship, hearing the voice of God, etc.

Hell, judgment and atonement

How to think about theologically difficult topics in a more “Christlike” way

Pentecostalism and justice

The unique, dynamic ways that the Pentecostal tradition informs the relationship between faith and justice.

Jonathan is also available to speak/lecture on his own approach to preaching and writing…and is more broadly up for talking about absolutely anything concerning the life, the teaching, and death and resurrection of Jesus!
Seminar/retreat formats are flexible and meant to serve your needs.
A typical format is roughly six hours, and a common version looks something like this:

Friday night teaching (1.5—2 hours)

Saturday morning teaching (2.5 hours with a break)

Saturday afternoon or evening teaching (1.5 hours)

Sunday morning regular length sermon (where applicable)

If you’d like to book Jonathan for your next event or service, contact Jim Chaffee at Jim Chaffee Management and fill out a request form here.