For whatever things we might lose in the storm, the storm has a way of excavating buried treasures, too. That's how I feel about Shipwreck Songs--like this a treasure chest you find washed up on the shore, the morning after. These are songs of loss and love and longing from some of my favorite artists on the planet, most of them brand new and written specifically for this project, with a couple of existing ones we curated because they fit the theme so perfectly. These are extraordinary songs by extraordinary people. I'm so glad to get to share them with you, now.

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get these songs, so we are keeping it simple: fill out the info below, and we will send you the album via e-mail immediately, no strings attached. The idea was that it would be a free companion for folks who have already purchased the book in some form--but we are doing this on the good old fashioned honor system :) We are presuming that if you fill out the form that you've already purchased the book. But you know what? If you haven't bought the book yet, and you feel like you need something to keep you afloat in your own dark night--give us your e-mail address and let us send it on over to you, anyway. I won't tell anybody. 

Sometimes the right song is all you need to keep you alive for one more night.

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