announcement: going on the road (& new book!) in 2017


I'm getting ready to go into 2017 feeling feistier and more focused than ever in my life (perhaps more vulnerable too, but okay with that).  Sensing a lot of grace in this new season on my creative pursuits, I'm leaning hard into them--working on book 3 (due out from Zondervan this year-more on that soon) and...hitting the road to travel and speak full-time!!! I'm no tent revivalist, but feel like I've got the fire of one in my belly, ready to come to your town talk about God, beauty, wonder, love, loss, and every aching thing that makes us human. 

There will also be a LOT more new content here on the new and improved website (many thanks to the incomparable Cody Jefferson for both the design and photography) and on social media, so be on the lookout for that. It feels like in so many ways that I'm finding the sound of my unfiltered voice for the first time in my life. It feels like a time to be a little rowdier, a little more tender, a little more open, a little less guarded. It feels simultaneously liberating and terrifying. But there is this big world out there, and an even bigger God, and you get this one little life. I want to use mine to dream and howl and crackle and instigate louder than I have dared to before. 

For all the friends who have supported me on the ride thus far--from my heart, I can never say thank you enough. It is such grace to be able to explore new territory with you. I am especially grateful for the extraordinary community of Sanctuary Church, a life-saving place and people for me in the most fragile season of my life. I am forever grateful for her and her leaders. Tulsa, Oklahoma and my friends there will still very much be home. Your love and belief in me continues to mean everything.

Now...what do you say we make some sacred mischief in 2017? Shall we?  

If you are interested in hosting me at your church, conference, retreat, university/seminary, community event, pub, bar mitzvah, whatever--fill out the form here, and we will get back with you shortly. I'm excited about meeting more of you guys, sharing some meals, stories and hopefully our souls in 2017.  It's going to be fun.

grace and peace,

jonathan martin